Bible & Theology Training

At Artillery Street we put great emphasis on the Lord’s commission to ‘make disciples’, and to this end, we have a three part teaching programme for all who wish to discover the Christian faith and become well grounded disciples of Jesus Christ.

1st Level – Christianity Explored
This provides the basic level of discovery about the Christian faith. User-friendly, Bible centred discussion on what real Christianity is all about, and what it means for the individual to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. This course lasts about 6 weeks, and is very relaxed and informal – usually held in someone’s home. See our separate web site entry for ‘Christianity Explored’.

2nd Level – Discipleship Explored
This runs about 6 weeks and is designed as a follow on from Christianity Explored to help give an understanding of what it means to live as a Christian. It is like CHristianity Explored and relaxed and informal course usually run in someone’s home.

3rd Level – Emmaus Course
This runs for several weeks longer than Christianity Explored/Discipleship Explored, and is designed to take the new Christian on a bit further in their understanding of the Bible and its impact on their lives as a new follower of Jesus Christ. This course will give the participant a good grounding in general knowledge of the Bible, and at the same time help them grow spiritually in their Christian faith. A series of DVD’s and informal discussion is used in small groups for this course.

4th Level – School of Theology
This is the course for the more established Christian, who wants a better grasp of key teachings and doctrines of the Bible, and who wants to mature in their Christian faith. This will usually take place once a month, on a Saturday morning. The full course lasts approximately one year (12 Saturday seminars). The only cost is for the purchase of the syllabus book for £7. The only qualification is that you know how to use your Bible.

For more details of any of these courses, please feel free to ask one of our elders or contact us using the web site enquiry form.

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