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As Jesus came to earth as a servant in humility we are to have the same attitude in considering others before ourselves.
Joy comes in the morning
1 Setting 2 Story 3 Sinners 4 Saviour 5 Sons

1. New Purpose 2. New Relationship 3. New Creation 4. Ambassador
1. Preparation for the fight vs. 1-8 2. God's reassurance to his hero vs. 9-15 3. How victory is secured vs. 16-25
1. Preparation for a great work vs. 1-10 2. Qualification of God's man vs. 11-24 3. Requirements of God's man vs. 25-32 4. Provision of God for his man vs.…

Who was Jesus?

25th April 2021

1. 16-18 Christian Attitudes 2. 19-22 Christian Actions

1) Trust and Obey 2) God provides the means when we obey him 3) Worship him in spirit and in truth

Church Survival Kit

21st March 2021
1. The loved Church 2. The humble Church 3. The watchful Church 4. The worshipping Church
1. A sight that is not seen 2. A scene that leads to sight
The Too good Samaritan has three points: 1) The critical context 2) Improbable Event 30 Unexpected Application

All One in Christ Jesus

21st February 2021

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