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1. A sight that is not seen 2. A scene that leads to sight
The Too good Samaritan has three points: 1) The critical context 2) Improbable Event 30 Unexpected Application

All One in Christ Jesus

21st February 2021

Embracing The Way

7th February 2021

1. Believe 2. Belong 3. Behave 4. Beloved 5. Example
Looking at Life with a view to our eternal destiny

Do you know?

10th January 2021

1) Remember the Lord your God 2) Place God's word at the centre of our lives 3) Be devoted to the Lord alone

Good news to embrace

20th December 2020
This is the Carol Service and includes the carols and readings and prayers as well as the sermons.

Living a life worthy of the Gospel: 1. Changed by the Gospel 2. Challenged by the Gospel 3. Charged with the Gospel (4. Cherished by the Gospel)

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