The Story

The story of the world begins with the creation by God of the heavens and the earth. The first man and woman were created and all was at peace and they enjoyed God as a friend, walking daily in the garden. Disaster struck when the first man and woman disobeyed God’s direct command by eating the fruit of the tree, they had expressly been told not to. This rebellion became inherent in every human being.

God however had a plan. He firstly chose a man Abraham to become a nation, Israel. Then into that nation came a man who was also God! His name was Jesus. He grew up and at the height of his ministry was killed by crucifixion on a cross. But by his death everyone who comes acknowledging they have done wrong, can have their sins forgiven. Just think, everything you have done wrong or will do wrong, wiped out in the eyes of God. And to prove it is real Jesus rose from the dead.

God now has a people, everyone who trusts Jesus to forgive their sins and follows him. Jesus  will one day return and take his followers up into heaven but those who reject Jesus will end up in hell, a place of torment forever.

This is the story of mankind, will you be a follower of Jesus?

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