What We Believe

Our beliefs are fully set out in the Basis of Faith of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches of which Artillery Street Evangelical Church is a member.

The following is a simple breakdown of our beliefs, of which we are persuaded from God’s Word – the Bible:

  • First of all we believe in God, the one who created us. We are responsible to Him. He is the Ruler of all and Saviour for all who trust in Him. We are accountable to Him.
  • We believe the Bible is God’s message book telling us about what we need to know about Him. It is infallible, without any errors, our authority in all matters spiritual and moral.
  • We believe that man was originally created perfect but then through disobeying God’s command ruined both himself and creation.
  • Jesus is an historical figure. We believe He not only existed as a man but was also God. He came with the express purpose of dealing with man’s disobedience.
  • We believe the good news of the Gospel, that Jesus is able to forgive us all our wrong (sin) and make us acceptable in the sight of God – if we put our faith in Him.
  • We believe that we can do nothing to earn our way into God’s good books. It is only by asking Jesus to forgive us and putting our trust in Him that we can be made right in God’s eyes.


For Christians who are interested:
We are an evangelical church in the reformed tradition. We are contemporary (user-friendly) in outlook, yet traditional (God honouring) in our worship.

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